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An Austin-based proposal and business development consulting firm has posted its proprietary proposal system on its website.  Access to the proposal system could prove to be valuable to those enterprises that typically get work through business proposals in the competitive markets brought on by the lingering economic slowdown.


In the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) worlds, purchasing of professional services is generally accomplished through competitive proposals.  The service provider whose proposal wins the evaluation is awarded the contract; the other firms, whose proposals did not win, get nothing!  Like a pack of hungry dogs fighting over the same few meaty bones, the current economic downturn has produced hyper-competitive marketplaces for professional service firms who win work projects by proposal.


“Back when the economy was growing at, say, 8% a year, a firm could have some expectation that it could experience annual growth in that approximate amount, as in the saying ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’.  But now that the sluggish economy is expected to grow almost imperceptibly for the foreseeable future, if a firm wants to grow its only choice is to take market share from weaker competitors,” said Willam Martin, Managing Partner of Proposal Acceptance.


The chief benefit of accepted proposals, of course, is more work for the firm.  More work is a firm’s lifeblood, the means to enhanced revenues and economic survival.  According to surveys, however, it is not uncommon for a firm to fail to win 70% of the proposals it submits.  That means 70% of the firm’s investment of time, effort, and resources was spent on lost business that came to no avail whatsoever.


“Winning in today’s economic climate requires performing to a higher standard, aggressively competing to win.  Our practice is devoted to helping our Clients become fierce competitors.  We train and coach them on how to increase their proposal win-rate; how to compete against and beat other firms.  The ‘27-Step Winner ProposalSM System’ we have developed is the foundation upon which that fierce competitiveness is built.”


“To support those firms who sense a need to become more competitive, we have made our proposal system freely available on our website,  If a firm, even a non-Client firm, resolves to more fiercely compete, to take market share in these slow-growth economic times, then that firm has our deepest respect.  We want to help!  By visiting our website, the firm can benchmark its own proposal process against the system we have developed—the same model we use in our Client work.  For a limited time, the system will open as our Homepage.  Free means free.  No registration or download will be required, no email address must be provided”, continued Willam, who can be reached at and  (512) 751-3250.


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